Best Year-Round Hikes near Gearhart, Oregon

There’s no denying the visual appeal of Northwest Oregon’s diverse landscape, including seemingly neverending beaches and lush forestry filled with Douglas firs, hemlocks, and Sitka spruces. The Oregon Coast is a four-season wonderland for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, sea kayaking, and birdwatching. Gearhart by the Sea, one of the premier Oregon Coast resorts, is only a short, scenic drive from the area’s best hikes, including Haystack Rock and Ecola State Park. Our fleet of fully-equipped ocean-view condos are also a short stroll from the Pacific Ocean’s sandy shores, so you’ll always be seconds away from a kayaking excursion or peaceful beach walk.

Ecola State Park

As far as we’re concerned, Ecola State Park has some of the best hiking trails in Oregon. Whether you’re an experienced hiker looking for a lengthy excursion or you’re searching for a simplistic yet undeniably gorgeous beach walk, Ecola State Park is the first place that you should visit during your trip to Northwest Oregon. You’ll likely recognize Indian Beach from “The Goonies,” “Point Break,” or “Twilight.” Spectacular panoramic views of the sandy beach, unique rock formations, and Sitka spruces can be discovered on the 2.8-mile Clatsop Loop Trail. The genuinely stunning two-mile Crescent Beach Trail, meanwhile, is the highlight of this state park. You’ll have the opportunity to stroll along the wide beach, hike along the tall bluff, and explore several unique rock formations.

Haystack Rock

Our beautiful neck of the Pacific Northwest was popularized by several films, alluring generations of nature lovers to our tranquil stretch of wilderness. Hiking along Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, as seen in “The Goonies,” is one of the greatest thrills imaginable. The 235-foot-tall sea stack, as you could imagine, is the most popular attraction near Gearhart by the Sea, one of the most affordable oceanfront Oregon Coast resorts. There are over four miles of beach to explore near Haystack Rock, which has also become a safe haven for puffins, starfish, and countless other colorful tidepool creatures.

Saddle Mountain

For those of you who’re looking for a challenge, we recommend Saddle Mountain, which is a scenic 38-minute drive from our ocean-view Gearhart hotel. This strenuous 4.5-mile out-and-back climb and descent is perhaps the most rewarding hike in Oregon. Saddle Mountain’s peak provides panoramic views of the surrounding valley, jagged mountains, and the wide Pacific, despite being approximately 19 miles from the ocean. If you’re hoping for an easier, off-the-beaten-path hidden gem, we also recommend Soapstone Lake.

Fully-Equipped Oregon Coast Resorts

Despite being steps from the Pacific Ocean, Gearhart by the Sea remains one of the most affordable places to stay on the Oregon Coast. Browse through our extensive list of ocean-view vacation rentals to find one that perfectly suits your group’s size, style, and desired price point. Save money by cooking a homemade meal inside your fully-equipped kitchen, watch a sunset from our private beach, and share stories of the day’s adventure around a cozy woodstove. Give us a call today at 1-800-547-0115 to learn more about our beautiful slice of the Pacific Northwest!

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