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Plan a Gearhart Golf Getaway

While searching for golf courses on the Oregon Coast, you’ll find many locations near Gearhart by the Sea, check out Golfing in Gearhart Oregon to see for yourself. Initially, it seems as though planning a golf getaway will be a simple task; however, that’s a lot that goes into the execution of the plan. To have a successful golf trip, being aware of the ‘how to’ will ensure that you and those traveling with you are prepared for the journey. Here are three useful tips that will help assist in the planning process. 

Plan Ahead

So you’ve selected our Oregon Coast resorts as your destination, and the first thing on your ‘to-do’ list should be to set aside tee times to be sure that you’re able to golf where you’d like to during your stay. Not only will booking in advance make everything go smoothly, but you’ll be able to watch for the best rates on airfare as well as upcoming events in the area. When you make the mistake of not booking ahead you’ll throw off your golf game which may leave everyone unsatisfied during the stay and a group of unpleased travelers should be avoided at all times— plan!

Appoint a Final Decision Maker

When traveling with a group, there will always be strong personalities that get involved in the process, and everyone will want their ideas heard. Simply select the most organized person of the group to give the final nay or yay to the decision. The ‘team lead’ should be good with budget planning, realistic options, and someone who can take care of things quickly. Appoint a final decision maker early on to steer clear of any unwanted arguments. 

Prepare to Send Your Golf Gear

We know that sending golf bags on your airline can add up in fees, and will be a pain to deal with but believe it or not, some services will ship your bag right to the golf courses on the Oregon Coast. Ship Sticks is a company that will send your golf clubs to your destination and ships them back to your doorstep when your trip is over! Avoid having to deal with unwanted airline fees when there’s a shipping club service that will keep more money in your pocket. 

Pro Shop and Kelly House

Gearhart Golf Links is within walking distance from the Gearhart by the Sea Resort and offers 18-holes of links-style golf. Before making your way to the golf courses on the Oregon Coast, head to the Kelly House where you’ll be able to meet your friends before your game or pick up last-minute items you may need at the Pro Shop. Make your reservations early to a destination that offers year-round golf by booking online under our reservations page. To further answer questions you may have call 1-800-547-0115.

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