History of Gearhart Oregon

Experience the History of Gearhart, Oregon

If you like to consider yourself a history buff or are a vacationer who enjoys learning about the location in which you’re staying, then Gearhart is the place for you. This unique region is an area steeped in rich American history. Gearhart and the nearby city of Astoria hold some of the earliest and most important pieces of our history as a country. From the famous Lewis and Clark expedition to the country’s first western settlement and beyond, this region is home to some of the earliest moments and most storied parts of our heritage. A visit to Gearhart by the Sea will not only be a relaxing and entertaining vacation but will also be an incredibly interesting and insightful glimpse into the past; to life as it was, and to the role this place has played throughout time. Here are just a few of the incredible historical sites and museums you can visit while on your Gearhart Resort vacation.  

Fort Clatsop and Old Fort Stevens

In the frigid winter of 1805, the famed Lewis and Clark expedition crew bunkered down and constructed Fort Clatsop which would house them until March of 1806 when warmer weather finally came. These days you can visit the site and step foot inside a replica of the famous fort.

Gearhart and the surrounding area is home to not only one, but two famous forts! Old Fort Stevens was built in 1865 to protect the banks and mouth of the Columbia River from Confederate ships during the Civil War. The fort then continued to act as protection during the subsequent Spanish-American War, World War One, and World War Two, when it was attacked by a Japanese submarine in June of 1942.


Just a short drive away from Gearhart is the beautiful City of Astoria. Being the first settlement west of the Rocky Mountain Range, this quaint city is filled with fascinating American history! Take advantage of the audio tours available from the Astoria Chamber of Commerce and learn all there is to know about this intriguing city. Take in the grand Victorian architecture and 1920s downtown area. While in Astoria, also be sure to make it to the top of the 125-foot-high Astoria Column. This structure was built in the 1920s to commemorate America’s first settlement west of The Rockies and gives guests a breathtaking view.

Maritime Museum

Another interesting Gearhart area historic experience is the Columbia River Maritime Museum. If you enjoy shipwrecks, lighthouses, and maritime history, then this nationally accredited museum is for you. Learn all about the perilous storms of the region, the hundreds of ships that unfortunately didn’t make it, and the floating lightship Columbia.

Gearhart Resort

Learn all about the vast variety and amazing amount of important American history while staying at the gorgeous Gearhart by the Sea. A trip to Gearhart is sure to provide you with incredibly exciting information and help you appreciate the role Oregon has played throughout the past. Book your stay now, and experience a fantastic Gearhart vacation.