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Gearhart Oregon | Fall Sightseeing Opportunities

September 2, 2019 by gearhart

There’s no better time than late summer to surround yourself with the great outdoors and local attractions in Oregon while staying at Gearhart by the Sea. While biking or hiking in Oregon during the fall, you may notice a span of warmer days, and this is commonly referred to as an Indian summer. During autumn’s peak, we are lucky enough to experience the sun and warmer weather from September through November. Taking the time to explore the area will be among your favorite things to do during your stay at our Seaside Oregon lodging. Without further ado, here are a couple of our ideal opportunities for sightseeing in the fall. 

Tillamook Head Traverse Hike

Ecola State Park is a must-see year-round and has a variety of hiking opportunities, places to picnic, surf, tidepool and offers spectacular views during fall. Start your journey at Seaside Beach and traverse to Tillamook Head. You’ll pass by the beautiful lush greens, through towering pines, notice unique unsecured cabins, military bunkers and will love the breathtaking view from the top of the trail. Spend a moment basking in the magnificent views of the emerald green waters of the ocean as you notice the Tillamook Lighthouse off in the distance. After a rainstorm, be sure to bring proper footgear as the trail may be a bit muddy throughout your journey. 

Haystack Rock

Pull up a blanket to the never-ending view of the ocean at Haystack Rock, one of our favorite attractions in Oregon, as you enjoy a picnic on the Pacific Shore with your loved one. There are many trails for hiking in Oregon nearby that lead to hidden beaches and coves. During the low tide, you’ll be able to explore Haystack Rock’s tidepools that are left behind around the rock. In the tidepools, you’ll find exciting sea creatures such as anemone, crabs, sea stars, and other intertidal life. Spend a fall evening watching the sun go down over the water as you may notice whales splashing in the distance.

Oregon Coast Resorts: Gearhart by the Sea 

During late summer vacations with your loved ones, spending time outdoors near our Oregon Coast Resorts should be at the top of your list. Whether you’re hiking, playing golf, or just walking along the beach, many unique attractions in Oregon bring travelers from all over the world. Book a vacation with Gearhart by the Sea to take in all of the fall sights that surround our beautiful coastal resort.